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Curling is a game of skill and traditions that upholds the highest standards of sportsmanship. A shot well played is a delight to see as is a game played in the true spirit of curling. Curlers play to win but never to humble their opponents. Curling has always relied on the common sense, honesty and the good manners of the players and a sporting approach to the game.

Curling Etiquette: a term that describes the blend of rules and unwritten agreements that govern players’ actions on (and occasionally off) the ice, rules which emphasize the best of the game: sportsmanship, courtesy and respect for your opponent.

Oh sure, we all want to win. But we are also drawn to our curling club week after week for more than just those two hours spent on the ice. We come for the people, the socializing, the exercise – the culture of our game. And that culture includes curling etiquette.

The same ritual governs the action at curling clubs across the world. We shake hands before a game no matter whether it is a friendly social game, a playoff-deciding league match, or a weekend bonspiel. For all curlers, it is “Good curling!” and a firm handshake to start the action.

The rule book might dictate where you can stand when the other team is throwing and who is allowed in the house when the score is being decided, but it is etiquette that shapes the game. Standing still when the other team is throwing and allowing the vices to tally up the score without interference shows the players’ respect for each other and their roles.

Compliment good shots, no matter which team makes them. Respect your opponent. Be courteous. Don’t distract your opponent in the hack.

At the end of the game, whether you win or lose, give each of your opponents a handshake, thank them for the game. The winning curlers traditionally offer their counterparts some refreshment and, in turn, their opponents normally reciprocate.

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The Detroit Curling Club is a dedicated curling facility with four sheets of ice and a spacious lounge and viewing area. We're in Ferndale, Michigan, close to Downtown Detroit and centrally located between major freeways (I-75 and I-696). We are the only curling club in the Detroit metropolitan area and have an active membership who joins for one primary purpose - to enjoy the grand old game of curling!