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  • Deliver a stone in front of a “shot” rock. (A shot rock is the rock closet to the center).
  • Deliver a stone in front of the house (or Free-Guard Zone) to be a future guard.


  • Deliver a stone into the house to be a potential scoring point later.
  • “Come Around”: to deliver a stone behind one already in place.
  • “Tap Back” (or “Raise”): to draw up to another stone and tap it back slightly.
  • “Freeze”: to draw up to another stone as close as possible without moving it.
  • “Wick & Roll” (or “Angled Raise”): to tap another stone at the correct angle so that the shooter goes behind another rock that now acts as a guard.


  • Deliver a stone with enough force to push a stationary stone out of play.
  • “A Raised Take Out”: A take-out that hits another stone before the intended target stone.
  • “A Double Take-Out”: Deliver a stone with enough force and the correct angle to remove two stones out of play.
  • “A Peel”: A take-out that hits the target stone on an angle so that the shooter goes out of play also.

“Weight” is a word you will hear a lot at curling events. Weight is the strength or speed at which a stone is delivered. Light-weight, heavy-weight, etc. are self-explanatory. Skips may also say “4-foot” or “back of the house” or “back-board” – these comments tell a person how much weight the skip wants so that the stone ends up on the 4-foot circle or at the back of the house or all the way to the back-board.

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