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Equipment unique to the game includes: gripper, slider, shoes, broom and stabilizer.

A gripper is a soft-rubber shoe cover (slips over the bottom of your shoe) that increases grip on the ice. It is essential for safely walking on the ice. A player primarily uses a gripper to cover the curling shoe that has a slider attached to it.

The opposite of a gripper is the slider. It is a shoe cover that allows the curler to "slide" better on the ice, which is essential to delivering the stone. The slider has a thick Teflon bottom that is very slick when used on ice. Curlers usually curl with the same hand they write with. So the slider is on the opposite foot (i.e. right-handed curlers need a left-foot slider, and vice versa).

Curling shoes have grippers and sliders built directly into the sole of the shoe and offer increased stability and control. A pair of curling shoes can cost anywhere from $75 to $300 a pair.

A broom is used for sweeping the ice to change the 'curl' of a stone, increase its running distance, and clear the stone's path of debris. Furthermore, traditional curling style uses the broom for stability while delivering (throwing) the stone. Brooms used to be made of corn straw, and then later horse hair was used. Both methods had the tendency to leave debris on the ice which would greatly affect the stone's path and distance. Modern brooms use a nylon head with a plastic, fiberglass, or carbon fiber handles. Brooms come in several different styles. They typically cost anywhere from $40 to $190.

A new technique for stone delivery has evolved that is useful to many curlers in increasing their stone delivery accuracy and consistency. This is by using a stabilizer rather than a broom for balance when delivering the stone.

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